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Know what's going on in your building or neighbourhood, receive updates, and communicate with your neighbours and property manager in a private environment. Download the app or use our web version.
Community app of Area of People for residents

Discover the unique benefits

Everything in one place
Maintain contact with your neighbours and arrange practical matters around your home with one app, tailored to your needs.
Secure and private

Neighbours get access only with an invitation from the administrator or a roommate. Your telephone number is not visible as in WhatsApp. Control what information you share through your privacy settings.

Quick solutions
Ask or offer help to your neighbours. Easily report repairs and malfunctions to your property manager. With the app you always have an overview at hand of service requests that are being handled and when they are resolved.
Moderation and support
Engage our community coaches in unpleasant situations so that the atmosphere in the app remains positive. Find solutions in our frequently asked questions and give feedback to us so that we can improve the app.
Resident helps neighbor with receiving packages.

Structured communication with your neighbours

Ask your neighbours for help or to borrow tools, share practical tips, and ask your neighbours for their opinions with a poll. Can't solve it with your neighbours? Then contact your property manager via the app. Translate messages from your neighbours to Dutch, English, or German. We support translation from 28 languages.

Submitting a service request via the Area of People app

Report a malfunction

Did something break in your home or do want to report a malfunction in your building? Via the app you can easily make a report to the appropriate service party to resolve it.

Practical and more in the Area of People app

All practical info in one place

Quickly get things settled for your home with practical guides, helpful tips and important phone numbers so you always know where to turn for support.

Updates of maintenance activities in the Area of People app

Receive updates from your property manager

Receive important updates from your administrator such as maintenance notifications, renovation work or safety information. That way you're always in the know.

Planning activities with a poll in the Area of People app

Organise activities

Planning drinks, a neighbourhood day or clean up event? Easily set up a poll for a date and create an activity in the calendar. Share the activity with your neighbours and keep track of who is coming.

Why residents use our app

The app makes it easy to reach out to your neighbours and help each other. You are also in direct contact with the manager. Then you know you are heard.
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