Leverage engagement Increase impact

Successfully collaborate with residents and property users through the Area of People platform.
  • Enhance the living experience
  • Reduce work pressure
  • Increase measurable social impact
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More impact with less effort

How do you successfully build communities without putting extra strain on your teams? Every residential complex or neighbourhood has some extra involved residents. They are key to creating attractive and affordable living environments. We provide you with both the digital tooling and support to cost-effectively build and maintain communities across your portfolio. 

Work smarter and more effectively?

Find out how to build communities, streamline service processes and increase your impact with our platform.

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95% of the houses were sold within a month. People indicated that they signed mainly because Cascade is a Micro-Village. Not so much because of the bricks.
Nick de Goeij real estate developer at Timpaan
Nick de Goeij Real estate developer Logo Timpaan
We see a lot of positive cooperation with and among residents. With Area of People, residents have more control over liveability in their neighbourhoods.
Photo of Maartje van Den Bosch of Trudo
Maartje van den Bosch Residential consultant Logo van woningcorporatie Trudo
We can now communicate more proactively with residents, efficiently increase living comfort and measure our impact through the platform.
Robert Kohsiek director at Wonam
Robert Kohsiek Director Logo Wonam

For whom we
provide solutions

We help property developers, investors and housing associations build communities, with a focus on achieving ESG goals.

Real estate developers

Our platform helps you engage residents during the development phase and lay the foundations for social connection in a new residential complex or a new urban district.
Complete your residential concept

Include the digital infrastructure in your development plan, that enables you to connect residents and facilities.

Increase your knowledge with data
Build valuable user data on residential areas.


With Area of People, you build digital communities and work smartly with residents to achieve ESG goals.
Increase the living experience
Facilitate connection between residents with a user-friendly app.
Achieve ESG goals efficiently
Work with residents to achieve ESG goals and reduce operational costs.
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Housing associations

Partner with residents to tackle today's challenges and improve the liveability and social cohesion in your building, neighbourhood or area.
Get a better grip on the neighbourhood
Know what is going on in the neighbourhood and pick up issues from residents so you can be more proactive in responding to challenges.
Reduce the workload
Unlock the potential in neighbourhoods and work efficiently with residents and local partners through one digital platform.
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Boost your office experience with an app that gives users quick access to your building's community, services and amenities.

Improve the office experience
Build an engaged community by facilitating connection and collaboration between users.
Communicate more efficiently
Easily keep users informed of upcoming events, maintenance, and services.
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Success stories of our clients

Two neighbours meet in Winkelmade Park
Successful community concept of Wooncompagnie
Feeling at home
Residential towers at Strijp-S in Eindhoven
High-impact ambassador program for the Strijp-S property of Trudo
Feeling at home
Wonam Zandkasteel
Optimal customer experience in mixed-use concept of Wonam