Why Area of People

Area of People is a committed partner with proven success across a wide range of residential and co-working segments. We offer a unique combination of service and technology that enables our clients to make measurable impact cost-efficiently on a large scale.


Area of People is all about providing smart solutions for real estate professionals who want to increase the social impact and value of real estate. 

Unique approach with resident as partner

We offer a unique way of working with residents as partners on a large scale.

Making social impact measurable
Our platform is the smart lens through which you see exactly what are the results of your efforts.
Connecting complete neighbourhoods and facilities
Our unique technology allows you to connect buildings, neighbourhoods and facilities on a large scale.
User-friendly and secure platform
The Area of People platform is user-friendly and integrates securely with existing IT environments via our API.
Building communities with Area of People

Unique approach with resident as partner

Residents and users are not only customers, but also your most important partner in making an impact. We guide you to work more proactively with groups. Our platform provides insight into the needs and potential of people in a building or neighbourhood. This allows you to work efficiently with residents or users on improvements in social cohesion, safety, maintenance, sustainability and much more.

Data dashboard of Area of People

Making social impact measurable

Area of People is more than just a tool to improve tenant satisfaction or livability. Our platform provides real-time insights and concrete management information to achieve your strategic goals and deliver measurable social impact.

Learn more about our approach?

We would be happy to tell you more about our vision of involving residents and how to make a real impact with our approach.

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Connecting neighbourhoods and facilities with the Area of People platform

Connecting complete neighbourhoods and facilities

Improve the residential experience and increase your local impact. Connect residents both within your building or neighbourhood and with residents from other buildings and neighbourhoods of fellow investors or housing associations. Increase value for them by offering access to shared facilities such as a roof terrace or padel court through our platform.
Area of People is ISO certified

User-friendly and secure platform

Our platform was developed together with our users, and we are in constant dialogue with them to make our processes as simple and smart as possible to match their reality. The core processes are set up and maintained based on the highest security standards (ISO27001).

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