Community app

Give residents a user-friendly app to build an engaged community and work together to create a pleasant living environment. Also as a white-label under your own brand.

Area of People Community app

Facilitate connection and collaboration

Offer residents and users of your property a user-friendly app that allows them to easily connect, use shared facilities, interact with service partners and share their feedback. Area of People's app is specifically designed for connection, engagement and higher satisfaction.

Home in Area of People app

Everything starts at home

As soon as residents open the app, they get an instant overview of everything going on in the building and the community. From important updates to upcoming activities and reservations for communal areas, for example. In addition, residents can quickly access the latest documents that have been uploaded.

Resident helps neighbor with receiving packages.

An engaged community

Offer residents an app through which they can easily find each other, ask for help and share practical tips. Residents can share messages through the community feed or in specific groups such as a group for a floor, for babysitting pets, DIY tips or social activities.

  • Communityfeed
  • Groups
  • 1-on-1 chat
  • Upload documents
  • Poll
Submitting a service request via the Area of People app

Reporting repairs

With the Area of People app, residents have an easy entry point to report home repairs and building malfunctions. Through service pages in the app, residents can easily connect with service partners such as a property manager, parcel service or part-mobility provider.
We were pleasantly surprised when we heard that there is a community app. Now we can easily reach neighbours and help each other. Also, we can directly contact the property manager to solve issues and give feedback.
Testimonial bewoners Zandkasteel
Maite and Ferguut Residents Zandkasteel Logo van Wonam
It is great that communication with neighbours and reporting repairs is all in one app. The community channels are handier than Whatsapp or Facebook. Our entire building is active in the app!
Bewoner testimonial van Giorgio
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Servicehub in Area of People app


Through the Area of People app, residents can quickly access relevant services and facilities in their building. Be it parcel service, shared mobility, electric charging stations and other local service partners.

Discover the power of our mobile app

Curious about the Area of People app and how to seamlessly integrate it into your workflow?

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Planning activities with a poll in the Area of People app

Plan activities

Planning a get-together, neighbourhood day or clean-up action is very easy via the app. Residents can easily set up a poll, create a date in the calendar, share the activity in the community feed and keep track of who is participating. As an administrator, you can use the calendar to plan maintenance activities and share them with residents.

  • Setup a poll for a date
  • Put activities in the calendar
  • Share calender with residents
  • Setup alerts for activities
Making a reservation in the Area of People app

Reserving rooms and equipment

Easily unlock communal facilities and amenities in a building or neighbourhood. Area of People's reservation system allows managers to create time slots. This allows residents and users to reserve a time slot for the neighbourhood shed or a lift during a move in no time.

Feedback and questions via surveys and polls in the app

Ask the community with surveys and polls

Want to know how to improve the living or working environment? Use polls and surveys and gain insight into the needs of residents or users. Listen to what they need so you can offer appropriate solutions. Increase satisfaction by regularly collecting feedback in a user-friendly way.  

  • Quickly share short polls with residents
  • Make and share user-friendly surveys
  • Get an overview of the results

For real estate professionals

We help property developers, investors and housing associations build digital communities, with a focus on increasing the sense of home and achieving ESG goals.

Real estate developers

Involve residents during the development phase and create a basis for social connection in a new residential complex or urban neighbourhood.

Real estate investors

Build digital communities and work smartly with residents to achieve ESG goals in your property portfolio.

Housing associations

Partner with residents to tackle today's challenges and improve liveability in buildings, neighbourhoods and areas.

Co-working spaces

Improve the office experience by giving users digital access to the community, services, and facilities in your building.