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Strengthen the feeling of home, improve service and achieve ESG goals with data-driven insights. We unlock your portfolio data in your Client Dashboard or in your own reporting environment.

Data dashboard of Area of People platform

Increase your impact with more insight

The Area of ​​People platform provides the insights you need to increase your social impact. Our data dashboards help you monitor the feeling of home and involvement of residents in your real estate portfolio in real time. Easily compare the performance of different projects in one overview.

Overview of social data parameters

Get a grip on feeling at home

How do you know whether residents feel at home in your complex, neighborhood or area? With our platform you can monitor the feeling of home and involvement in your real estate portfolio in real time. This way you know how things are going and where you can improve. Our team is always ready to help you increase your impact.

Overview of service data

Optimize your service processes

Use our data insights to improve your service. After each service request has been processed, users can immediately rate the service. This way you always know how things are going and where you can improve. With surveys and polls you can further explore the service needs of residents.

Want to start collecting social data?

Discover how you can use data to improve your service and increase your social impact.

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Portfolio overview in Client dashboard

Compare projects and managers in your portfolio

Want to increase your social impact in a scalable way? Compare the feeling of home, the involvement and the service of administrators in your different projects. This way you know which projects need attention, you can better manage managers and inform stakeholders about the social impact of your portfolio.

The Area of People platform helps us to make our impact visible. This way you know whether your efforts are actually having an effect.
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ESG is one of the core activities of every investment manager, including social cohesion, health, CO2 impact and biodiversity. Collaborating with partners such as Area of People is essential.”
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ESG data dashboard

Monitor your ESG goals

With Area of ​​People you have everything you need to achieve ESG goals together with residents. Measure your impact on the health and well-being of residents by monitoring involvement and feeling of home. Use data to help residents save energy and reduce the CO2 footprint of your real estate portfolio together.

For real estate professionals

We help real estate developers, investors and housing associations build digital communities, with a focus on increasing the feeling of home and achieving ESG goals.

Real estate developers

Involve residents during the development phase and create a basis for social connection in a new residential complex or urban neighbourhood.

Real estate investors

Build digital communities and work smartly with residents to achieve ESG goals in your real estate portfolio.

Housing associations

Take on today's challenges together with residents and improve the quality of life in buildings, neighbourhoods and areas.

Co-working spaces

Improve the office experience by giving users digital access to the community, services and facilities in your building.